Serving the Volusia & Flagler County areas since 1924.

What We Do

what we doWe provide timely professional valuation and consulting services to our clients including:

  • Financial services industry for mortgage lending and for asset classification and management purposes;
  • Governmental entities for state and federal grant purposes, and for acquisition and disposition services, including eminent domain;
  • Attorneys for estate planning, litigation and other client services;
  • Developers for acquisition and development needs; and,
  • Corporations and Individuals for buy/sell decisions, inventory analysis, asset and management planning and a myriad of other purposes.
  • Property owners and insurance agents for insurable value appraisals of commercial, industrial and multifamily residential properties (condominium and other owners associations).

The past few years have been particularly challenging for the real estate market nationwide. The local market has not been as well insulated from these effects as it has been in some of the more recent downturns of the economy. We at Hamilton Appraisal Services, LLC have been through times like these before. From the recessions of the early 1980’s through the painful downturns that we have experienced since, we have provided professional valuation services for a wide spectrum of properties in this same market for the past 35+ years. Experience matters. And we are here to put that experience to work for you!